Ongoing Initiatives

The AAPALM board discussed and adopted a number of initiatives and priorities for the organizational year. Members please get involved and help with these.

  • Promote AAPALM. Reach out to PA schools, state & local chapters, other PA specialty groups to educate our peers as to the organization’s mission statement and focus.
  • Promote safe clinical practice. Provide education. Write articles for local PA newsletters, alumni papers, even popular press at local level to again, educate and inform about common clinical errors.
  • Get word out among our colleagues about what the process involves when the PA runs into the judicial system (malpractice, certification or license issues).
  • Develop lectures on videotape for CME for PA state chapters and PA programs.
  • Compile a list of most common state compliance issues – post on website.
  • Develop a policy paper on recommendations for safe, quality patient charting.
  • Explore avenues for the rehabilitation and reincorporation of PA’s who run into compliance or practice issues, facilitating their reintegration back into workplace. Investigate state programs that are already in place.