Become a Member


APALM strongly encourages all interested AAPA members to become an APALM Fellow member. Membership dues are only $50 annually, billed upon enrollment and each year thereafter. Through the act of paying your dues to become an APALM member, you explicity agree to follow the Ethical Guidelines for PA expert witnesses adopted by the Ameriacn Academy of Physician Assistants House of Delegates. For a copy of the guidelines, click here.


Professionals who are not PAs are welcome to be members of APALM.  Paralegals, attorneys, nurse practitioners, students and researchers  and any other interested party may become APALM Members.  Affiliate members enjoy the same benefits as PA members including the newsletter, emailing all APALM members at any time and access to the member’s only section of the website. The dues are the same as for Fellow members.

PA Membership benefits include the following:

  • Quarterly newsletter with information about medico-legal issues that address the APALM mission.
  • Access to important and useful information on PA medico-legal consulting.
  • Notation on your CV that you are a member of the only organization of its kind in the PA profession.
  • Your information will be made available to attorneys and medico-legal consultants. Those members who wish to make themselves available as expert witnesses or consultants will be able to designate their specialty expertise and contact information.

To become a supportng member of APALM, please follow these two simple steps:

  1. Pay your Dues Online with a Credit Card here. For those who need a receipt or prefer check payment, click here. Please give the Treasurer a week to respond to your payment – we are a volunteer organization! 🙂
  2. Once your dues are paid, you will be sent a welcome email with information on how to enter your contact and other membership information directly into the APALM Member Directory and Database.