Request a Physician Assistant Expert

APALM offers its Members and their expertise  AT NO CHARGE to those interested in seeking PA experts to review medical records and testify to the standard of care of Physician Assistant practice.

 APALM’s membership currently approximates 70 registered members, most of whom offer medical-legal consulting services. Members are located throughout the United States and have listed expertise in the following medical specialties: family medicine; emergency medicine; urgent care; orthopedics; general, neurological, vascular, ENT, cardiothoracic, and orthopedic surgery; pediatrics; PA education; interventional radiology; sports medicine; urology; dermatology; addiction medicine; psychiatry; and geriatrics.
If you would like to contact APALM members for assistance with medical records review and potential testimony on PA standard of care or scope of practice please use the form below. Your inquiry will be reviewed and forwarded to all APALM members who match your request.